May 2016

Finding Praise in Our Disorder

It’s called “The Second Law of Thermodynamics.” Any system left to itself becomes more disordered with time. Not something we talk about in our daily lives, but it’s certainly been on my mind a lot the last week or so. I’m finally working in my gardens. They’ve been neglected far too long and now we’re paying the price. The old-fashioned rambling rose that climbs the picket fence around my fountain pond is beautiful this time of year. Its soft pink fragrance captivates the senses—but only…

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About 5/22, Before and After

How are you spending this week of remembrance? One can’t turn on the radio or TV or go on the internet without being reminded of the day that changed our lives forever. We’ve even started marking time by the moment that monster storm ravaged our area. Now we punctuate our sentences with “Before (or After) the Tornado.” How are you doing with that? Are you glad for all the reliving of that day five years ago or is it just a painful reminder of a…

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