August 2016

Making Memories, Gifts from God

Let’s face it. Having fun can be a lot of work. We’ve just gotten back from dropping the girls off—they start school tomorrow—and it’s so quiet in the almost-empty campground now! It’s been a fun start to our week at Campbell Point. Six-year-old Emma, thirteen-year-old Skye and her friend Anna kept us busy boating and tubing and teaching the older girls to ski; and you haven’t lived till you’ve tried to find sleeping spots for two adults, two dogs, two teenage girls and a little…

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Chasing Squirrels, Finding Heroes

“Excuse me,” she says tentatively. “Would you mind doing us a favor?” I’m spending the afternoon at my “other office,” hoping to get some writing done while I’m waiting for Mac to pick me up. (With two vehicles under repair and four adults who need to be different places, it’s “musical cars” at the Mac household right now.) Panera is usually a pretty good place to find a quiet corner with no distractions, but the lunch rush is just beginning to wind down and there…

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