Along The Grapevine

“Those who do not have faith lose their ability to reason.

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Sometimes you just have to dance in a field. Don’t you love it when God gives you a message that’s so beautiful and clear you know it came from Him?

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I had coffee Wednesday morning with the hope God promises in Jeremiah 29:11. Her name is Alexis and I’m so privileged to share a tiny part of her story.

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Autumn in Missouri is such a beautiful season―such a welcome re-awakening after the hot, deadening days of late summer.

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“Life is hard and then you die and then they sell your clothes.” It’s a Mac-ism that always makes people laugh in spite of themselves.

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It’s called Holy Week.

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I. Hate. Daylight Saving Time!

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I love Christmas! All the sights and sounds and fragrances and activities of the season fill my heart with delight, even on the darkest days.

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Don’t you love it when a “random” passage of scripture unexpectedly reaches out to grab your imagination—and insists you pay attention?

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Sometimes life just seems almost too big to manage, doesn’t it! Kinda like the giant rocker at Branson’s Grand Village.

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