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Friends & Family Favorite Recipes: A Heritage Book

There’s just something wonderful about sitting around a table with family and friends, sharing good food and conversation.

It’s truly a gift from God, but in our busy world we too often neglect it.

So you’re invited. We’re celebrating old recipes that are family treasures and a few sweet memories along the way. Join us.

Quest: Book 3 of The Twins of Thune

Though it had been several generations since the defenders of freedom had defeated the armies of despair along the Plain of Amora, the malevolence that drove them was never destroyed and every succeeding age had known it was only a matter of time; that as long as this darkness continued to grow, the forces of good and evil would sooner or later meet again in mortal combat.

Now the long battle rages on. Now all the forces of evil are arrayed against the people of Freeland. Somehow the enemy has penetrated the very heart of Thune and their little Mystery of the West has been abducted. In the few short hours since the Lady Eloneena’s shocking revelation that Feona is her daughter, it has become clear that Mordok’s plan is to use the child to exact vengeance not only on her, but on the kingdom of Thune itself.

What the evil Master of Darkness does not know is that he is about to be confounded by the resourcefulness and courage of two little girls from Thune. But how can such little children survive in the trackless desert of the West? Can they escape the rage of Mordok as he cruelly drives his fearsome hronya through the air each day in a furious search for them? Who will find them first, and how will the Prince of Thune survive the pain and sorrow if another one he loves is lost?

Storm Shadow: Book 2 of The Twins of Thune

The Ladies of the Cliff have vanished! As the battle for Freeland has worn on, every corner of the kingdom has been touched by the Darkness. Not even the smallest child is beyond its evil assault. The enemy’s utter cruelty is breathtaking… beyond any the people could imagine. The most helpless among them have been targeted and viciously attacked in an effort to dishearten the defenders. Word has come that Hyland is under the control of dark forces never before seen in Freeland, commanded by a “Dark Lady.”

Princess Aleiyja and Lady Elomeera have gone to liberate the city and confront the evil sister that Meera still prays can be redeemed from her hate and rebellion. Tales are being told of an epic battle that endured throughout the day along every street and alley of the city and into the countryside. None were courageous enough to follow them outside the city. No one knows the result of the conflict that shook their capital. No one can say if any lived or died. But though the search still goes on, no sign can be found of the mighty warriors of good and evil, or of their beloved Princess Sunshine.Now the royal family must confront their greatest fears. Somehow the Guardians must find the strength to fight on in the face of such loss.

Now, in spite of all Lord Thunderbolt’s efforts to save her, the great and magnificent StarDancer stands in a Glen Forest pasture, wasting away from grief as Prince Aleiyn-Jor struggles to make sense of life without his twin. Has the Darkness succeeded? Can Storm Shadow find a way to save his own twin from her sorrow? What of little Feona, the Mystery of the West? How could even the One possibly use such a little one to save Thune? And what greater price will be demanded of the kingdom?

StarDancer: Book 1 of The Twins of Thune

A moment of teen-age rebellion and selfishness by the usually sunny Aleiyja of Thune has helped open the door to the malicious enemy lurking on Freeland’s borders. Now she finds herself alone in the beautiful but mysterious realm of Haven Cliff, waiting for the dreaded Dame Elomeera to begin her training as a warrior of the realm while her brother has been sent for instruction to Lord Damling, Keeper of the North.

The Twins of Thune have never been apart and their forced separation is almost unbearable; made even more devastating by the absence of their beloved hronya. StarDancer and Storm Shadow are the last of the equine marvels known as the Hronya of Thune, born at the same moment in time as Princess Aleiyja and Prince Aleiyn-Jor.

From the beginning the four have moved and thought as one and it is rumored they’ve been given abilities far beyond any before imagined. But the black menace is far beyond any before imagined as well. Could these two remarkable sets of twins be the ones foretold in the ancient writings… the prophesied siblings-of-the-heart that will save their kingdom? Can ones so young become Warriors of the Realm; strong enough to lead their people against such evil? What sacrifice will be required in their epic battle for freedom?

Standpipes & Stormshelters

Jaxon James Morris II is a very angry man. Life in Michigan had been everything he’d ever wanted until a series of tragedies sent him running to escape the heartache. At first, relocating his family to Southwest Missouri had seemed just what they needed. But then on a beautiful spring day, the safe little world he’d worked so hard to build had been shattered. They’d found themselves at the very epicenter of the deadly EF5 tornado that roared through their new home town and he’d been trapped and helpless, able only to watch in horror as it all came crashing down on them.

Now his children’s insistence that “butterfly guys” came to save them from the storm only fuels his fury. Now his wife and kids are gone, terrified of the consuming rage he can’t control. Now Jax is terrified, too. Will his shattered leg ever heal? What if he’s never able to walk again? Has the monster that took everything they owned taken everything he loves as well? Now he just exists, alone in an isolated FEMA trailer, haunted by the desolation of disconnected electrical standpipes and no-longer-needed storm shelters.

Then strangers come knocking at his door, and God sets in motion events that will change his life in ways he never could have imagined.

The miracles of Butterflies at the Window still go on. Standpipes & Storm Shelters is “the rest of the story.” This is the account of the Morris family, still struggling to find hope after most victims of the horrific Joplin Tornado have found homes and jobs and healing. This is the on-going saga of the McConnell’s and their commitment to use all that happened to them to bless others. But most of all, this is the testimony of God’s faithful pursuit of those He loves, even when they don’t want to know Who He is.

Butterflies at the Window

The date is May 22, 2011. Elly’s “very good” graduation day becomes even better when three enormous butterflies appear at her bedroom window; incredibly beautiful, almost other-worldly in their splendor. Her first thought is, “Thank You, Jesus! You know how I love butterflies.”

But when Elly, then her mother, then other members of the McConnell clan begin to see them in the most unlikely places, their presence begins to feel strangely ominous. And when they appear to be watching the family’s every move, it’s hard to avoid a growing sense of foreboding.

On this perfect spring Sunday, when families across southwest Missouri are celebrating their high school graduations, could these exquisite creatures actually be harbingers of looming tragedy?

Then a rare and massive EF5 tornado unexpectedly turns that bright day in May dark and deadly. As the storm of the century bears down, can the McConnell family survive? And in the midst of unspeakable terror and devastation, why are so many children of the tornado seeing “butterfly people?


“Author Sandi McReynolds and her family survived the F5 tornado in Joplin, MO in May 2011, and she has used her first-hand experience to write a fascinating ‘up close and been there’ novel. Although Butterflies at the Windows is fiction, Sandi hasn’t altered the facts. People who know Joplin can say, ‘Yes, that’s right,’ as they read about the places and events in her story. She has done a remarkable job of taking a true experience and showing it through a novel.”
LeAnn Campbell
Author of Century Farm mystery series for kids
“Anyone who wants to be inspired should read Butterflies at the Window. Author Sandi McReynolds has taken an actual tragedy, the incredibly destructive tornado that ripped through Joplin, MO, leaving a wide swath of rubble for many miles, added the stories of butterfly people that flooded the area, and turned it into a healing fantasy. Congratulations!”
Richard L. Jackson, B.A, M.A.
Assistant Vice President, Duke University
Senior Vice President, St. John’s Regional Medical Center

Pain & Paradox: The Path of Praise

Nothing is ever wasted in God’s economy—especially pain. Just as He numbers the hairs of our head, He numbers every heart-ache, injury, and injustice; and He will never allow one more than is necessary for His purpose, and our good.

His good plan is to use every pain and paradox of our lives to lead us along our path of praise. And He will use the most unlikely teachers to finally bring us to our bright and shining bridge of His presence and sufficiency.

Walk with the author along her personal path of pain, discover paradoxes that only God could devise for His purpose and glory, catch a glimpse of the bright bridge He is designing just for you; and along the way, meet Spanky and Scooter, two energetic little Jack Russell teachers of His principles.


“I have known the author for over 20 years as pastor, friend and co-worker in the Kingdom. In my own way I have had at least a second row seat in the journey she so honestly takes you on in this story of the faithful love of God. Rarely, have I read someone who is willing to tell it as it is when it comes to the “problem of pain” as C.S. Lewis would put it. I found myself agreeing on a level that was more than intellectual. She put into words the place we find ourselves in our hearts with God when we suffer with Him. I recommend her story, in many ways it’s your story too. It will encourage your heart and the heart of those you know who find themselves in the place we don’t understand called trouble.”
Jay St. Clair
Community Outreach Minister
College Heights Christian Church
Joplin, Missouri