Quest: Book 3 of The Twins of Thune

Though it had been several generations since the defenders of freedom had defeated the armies of despair along the Plain of Amora, the malevolence that drove them was never destroyed and every succeeding age had known it was only a matter of time; that as long as this darkness continued to grow, the forces of good and evil would sooner or later meet again in mortal combat.

Now the long battle rages on. Now all the forces of evil are arrayed against the people of Freeland. Somehow the enemy has penetrated the very heart of Thune and their little Mystery of the West has been abducted. In the few short hours since the Lady Eloneena’s shocking revelation that Feona is her daughter, it has become clear that Mordok’s plan is to use the child to exact vengeance not only on her, but on the kingdom of Thune itself.

What the evil Master of Darkness does not know is that he is about to be confounded by the resourcefulness and courage of two little girls from Thune. But how can such little children survive in the trackless desert of the West? Can they escape the rage of Mordok as he cruelly drives his fearsome hronya through the air each day in a furious search for them? Who will find them first, and how will the Prince of Thune survive the pain and sorrow if another one he loves is lost?