Standpipes & Stormshelters

Jaxon James Morris II is a very angry man. Life in Michigan had been everything he’d ever wanted until a series of tragedies sent him running to escape the heartache. At first, relocating his family to Southwest Missouri had seemed just what they needed. But then on a beautiful spring day, the safe little world he’d worked so hard to build had been shattered. They’d found themselves at the very epicenter of the deadly EF5 tornado that roared through their new home town and he’d been trapped and helpless, able only to watch in horror as it all came crashing down on them.

Now his children’s insistence that “butterfly guys” came to save them from the storm only fuels his fury. Now his wife and kids are gone, terrified of the consuming rage he can’t control. Now Jax is terrified, too. Will his shattered leg ever heal? What if he’s never able to walk again? Has the monster that took everything they owned taken everything he loves as well? Now he just exists, alone in an isolated FEMA trailer, haunted by the desolation of disconnected electrical standpipes and no-longer-needed storm shelters.

Then strangers come knocking at his door, and God sets in motion events that will change his life in ways he never could have imagined.

The miracles of Butterflies at the Window still go on. Standpipes & Storm Shelters is “the rest of the story.” This is the account of the Morris family, still struggling to find hope after most victims of the horrific Joplin Tornado have found homes and jobs and healing. This is the on-going saga of the McConnell’s and their commitment to use all that happened to them to bless others. But most of all, this is the testimony of God’s faithful pursuit of those He loves, even when they don’t want to know Who He is.