StarDancer: Book 1 of The Twins of Thune

A moment of teen-age rebellion and selfishness by the usually sunny Aleiyja of Thune has helped open the door to the malicious enemy lurking on Freeland’s borders. Now she finds herself alone in the beautiful but mysterious realm of Haven Cliff, waiting for the dreaded Dame Elomeera to begin her training as a warrior of the realm while her brother has been sent for instruction to Lord Damling, Keeper of the North.

The Twins of Thune have never been apart and their forced separation is almost unbearable; made even more devastating by the absence of their beloved hronya. StarDancer and Storm Shadow are the last of the equine marvels known as the Hronya of Thune, born at the same moment in time as Princess Aleiyja and Prince Aleiyn-Jor.

From the beginning the four have moved and thought as one and it is rumored they’ve been given abilities far beyond any before imagined. But the black menace is far beyond any before imagined as well. Could these two remarkable sets of twins be the ones foretold in the ancient writings… the prophesied siblings-of-the-heart that will save their kingdom? Can ones so young become Warriors of the Realm; strong enough to lead their people against such evil? What sacrifice will be required in their epic battle for freedom?