Storm Shadow: Book 2 of The Twins of Thune

The Ladies of the Cliff have vanished! As the battle for Freeland has worn on, every corner of the kingdom has been touched by the Darkness. Not even the smallest child is beyond its evil assault. The enemy’s utter cruelty is breathtaking… beyond any the people could imagine. The most helpless among them have been targeted and viciously attacked in an effort to dishearten the defenders. Word has come that Hyland is under the control of dark forces never before seen in Freeland, commanded by a “Dark Lady.”

Princess Aleiyja and Lady Elomeera have gone to liberate the city and confront the evil sister that Meera still prays can be redeemed from her hate and rebellion. Tales are being told of an epic battle that endured throughout the day along every street and alley of the city and into the countryside. None were courageous enough to follow them outside the city. No one knows the result of the conflict that shook their capital. No one can say if any lived or died. But though the search still goes on, no sign can be found of the mighty warriors of good and evil, or of their beloved Princess Sunshine.Now the royal family must confront their greatest fears. Somehow the Guardians must find the strength to fight on in the face of such loss.

Now, in spite of all Lord Thunderbolt’s efforts to save her, the great and magnificent StarDancer stands in a Glen Forest pasture, wasting away from grief as Prince Aleiyn-Jor struggles to make sense of life without his twin. Has the Darkness succeeded? Can Storm Shadow find a way to save his own twin from her sorrow? What of little Feona, the Mystery of the West? How could even the One possibly use such a little one to save Thune? And what greater price will be demanded of the kingdom?