Changing the World, a Pot Roast at a Time

“I’ve wanted to tell you this for nine years!” she says with a huge smile. “You may not even remember coming by my house that evening and I’m sure you had no idea, but your pot roast changed my life.”

We’re at our annual Women’s Ministry Fall Kick-off Event. Our theme for this year is “Connecting with a purpose, on purpose.” Women really do need other women, but our culture seems to more and more mitigate against real relationship. Isn’t it just like our loving Father to bring sweet connection when we least expect it—and probably least deserve it.

She’s right. I had no idea, but I do remember that evening. She was such a beautiful young mom, just home from the hospital with her second baby, husband out of town. I’m not sure they had any family nearby, but she had friends who loved her, and they’d organized a welcome-home-with-a-meal brigade to help her through those first couple weeks alone with two babies.

I’m not even sure how I got in on that one. I only knew her by name and reputation (she and her hubby were greatly admired by those friends), but I love to cook and I always get such a blessing out of taking a meal to someone in need. To me, it’s such an easy way to reach out. Then, of course, there’s the God thing. He has such a sweet way of bringing blessing out of the simplest things and I’m always up for that.

She’s still a beautiful young mom, now with four little ones, but I didn’t even know they were back in town. They’d relocated shortly after that baby was born and I’d only seen her once since then at a women’s retreat a few years ago. Now they’re settled here again, where friends abound.

“I couldn’t imagine someone I didn’t even know bringing us dinner,” she went on. “Especially something like a pot roast. It totally changed how I think about helping people. And it really helped me get through a horrible time. My dad had just died right before the baby was born and I was feeling pretty overwhelmed. I’ve been wishing since then I could tell you how much that meant. Thank you!”

No my friend, thank you! I think you just changed how I think about helping people.

“Let’s stay in touch,” I say as I hand her my card, “I’d like to hear how you’re doing now. You still have a lot on your plate, and I’d love to pray for you.”

“We will,” she agrees. “I want to learn more from you about how you love on people so well.”

Well thanks, dear heart. But you’ve just taught me much more than I could ever teach you. We talk long after the time I should be helping my fellow board members clean up and put away decorations, but I can’t bring myself to break away. It’s just too sweet a connection. Besides, I know they’ll understand. After all, divine appointments are what we’re all about, aren’t they?

So, Are you finding yourself needing real connection with other women? Do most of your connections seem to lack purpose? I know a great place where there are women just like you; yearning to, as my friend said, love on people—always a little imperfectly, often with no idea of the impact they’re making, but needing you as much as you need them. Just give me a call or email me here. I’d love to help. And I can’t wait to see what else God has planned for this year. You never know when He’s going to use something as simple as a pot roast to change someone’s world.

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