Dust Bunnies in the House (and Heart)

When you find yourself naming the dust bunny in the corner, you know it’s time to clean house!

But it’s summer, and there’s just so much going on. The gardens need weeding and watering and it’s going to get hot. Mac’s making a quick trip to town. (“C’mon, San. We’ll grab a sausage biscuit.”) Board meeting is this week and important planning is under way. Skye calls. (“Gramma! It’s a matter of life or death! Camp is next week and I need stuff!”) The lawn needs attention—again—and laundry is piling up and the cake has to be at the church by four. And I’m finally working on StarDancer again. (I’m loving that book! Watch for it soon.) So the house… well… it will still be here tomorrow. It’s definitely time, though. That dust bunny has relatives all over the house by now and I’ve started warning Mac, “Don’t you dare bring them in here!”

To be honest, though, it doesn’t bother me like it used to. There was a time the house was the first thing on my agenda and I wouldn’t leave until every room was spotless. The thought of coming home to a speck on the floor or a smear on the counter would leave me in distress. A bit OCD, you say? Probably. (I wonder if Mac had been praying for patience when he decided to marry me.)

Spring cleaning will be late this year. It’s obviously no longer my top priority, but my family deserves a home that’s peaceful and ordered; so this week I’m enjoying washing and dusting and polishing. It always feels so good when the floors are shining again and the kitchen is sparkling clean. It’s then I want to open it up for others to share. (Wanna come for a cook-out?)

But here’s the elephant in the room that would keep all the dust bunnies away: With just a little time each day…

It’s such a metaphor for our spiritual condition, isn’t it.

We often get so busy with “life” that we don’t notice—or choose to ignore—the dust and clutter beginning to collect in the corners of our heart. Jesus deserves a home that’s peaceful and ordered and I know that with just a little time each morning He would wash my very being (Psalm 51:2, John 13:8) and cleanse my heart. (Psalm 139) Only then is it ready to open up for others to share.

So how’s your spiritual house? Are you finding yourself naming dust bunnies in the corner? Or are you making Jesus your priority; spending time each day digging into His Word, seeking His face, inviting Him to keep your heart clean? Unlike that trip to get “stuff,” it really is life or death.

3 comments on “Dust Bunnies in the House (and Heart)

  • Lori Good

    June 15, 2016 at 7:20 pm

    Sandi, love this post! It’s a beautiful reminder to keep our focus on Jesus.


  • Brady Gobin

    June 17, 2016 at 12:03 am

    Great blog. And your pics for it are wonderful!

  • Brenda

    June 17, 2016 at 2:05 am

    Thank you for the reminder?

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