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Sandi McReynolds is the award-winning author of The Twins of Thune, a series of faith-based novels of fantasy and adventure; Butterflies at the Window, a novel based on the true experiences of her family and friends during the 2011 Joplin Tornado; Standpipes and Storm Shelters, the rest of the story of her community’s recovery from that epic storm, and Pain & Paradox, the Path of Praise, a celebration of how God uses the worst things in our lives to bless us the most. Her newest release, Friends & Family Favorite Recipes: A Heritage Book, is available now.

Sandi is a member of Christian Writers Fellowship. An avid gardener and joyful mentor of young women, she is available to speak for women’s events, garden clubs, and other community activities.

If you are interested in reaching her for an interview, please call 417-529-1607 or send an email to [email protected].

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Author’s Note About The Twins of Thune

The Twins of Thune spoke themselves into my thoughts in a hot shower on a cold morning several years ago when the victorious end (or was it beginning?) of Princess Aleiyja played itself out in my mind. I finally emerged more than a little pruned from that steamy cocoon, eager to know more of this valiant young woman. I’ve loved exploring the magical world of Freeland and getting to know her people. Theirs is the age-old battle of good and evil… the ultimate quest of all men for the One who is the only truth in any world. I can’t wait for you to meet them. It is my prayer that their journey will also speak the truth of that One into your heart.

About StarDancer, Book 1 of The Twins of Thune

StarDancer and Storm Shadow are the last of the equine marvels known as the Hronya of Thune, born at the same moment in time as Princess Aleiyja and Prince Aleiyn-Jor, future rulers of Freeland. From the beginning the four have moved and thought as one and it is rumored they’ve been given abilities far beyond any before imagined.

But the realm is threatened by a dark menace far beyond any before imagined as well. Could these two remarkable sets of twins be the ones foretold in the ancient writings… the prophesied siblings-of-the-heart that will save their kingdom? Can ones so young and untrained become Warriors of the Realm strong enough to lead their people against such evil? What sacrifice will be required in their epic battle for freedom?

Book Details:

  • Title: StarDancer
  • Author Sandi McReynolds
  • Paperback: 264 pages
  • Publisher: VineTree Press, June, 2018
  • ISBN-13: 978-1979954433 (VineTree Press)
  • ISBN-10: 1979954437
  • BISAC: Fiction / Christian / General

About Storm Shadow, Book 2 of The Twins of Thune

As the battle for Freeland has worn on, every corner of the kingdom has been touched by the Darkness. The enemy’s utter cruelty is breathtaking… beyond any the people could imagine. Now the Ladies of the Cliff have vanished. Tales are being told of a horrendous battle between their fabled Dame of the South and her evil sister. None can say if any lived or died and though the search still goes on, no sign can be found of them, or of Thune’s beloved Princess Sunshine. Now the Guardians must find the strength to fight on in the face of such loss. Now Prince Aleiyn-Jor struggles to make sense of life without his twin and, in spite of her sire’s efforts to save her, the great and magnificent StarDancer stands in a Glen Forest pasture, wasting away from grief.

Has the Darkness succeeded? Can Storm Shadow find a way to save his own twin from her sorrow? Who is Feona, the Mystery of the West? How could even the One possibly use such a little child to save Thune? And what greater price will be demanded of the kingdom?

Book Details:

  • Title: Storm Shadow
  • Author Sandi McReynolds
  • Paperback: 195 pages
  • Publisher: VineTree Press, June, 2018
  • ISBN: 9781799212201
  • Imprint: Independently published
  • BISAC: Fiction / Christian / General

About Quest, Book 3 of The Twins of Thune

Though it had been several generations since the defenders of freedom had defeated the armies of despair along the Plain of Amora, the malevolence that drove them was never destroyed and every succeeding age had known it was only a matter of time; that as long as this darkness continued to grow, the forces of good and evil would sooner or later meet again in mortal combat.

Now the long battle rages on. Now all the forces of evil are arrayed against the people of Freeland. Somehow the enemy has penetrated the very heart of Thune and their little Mystery of the West has been abducted. In the few short hours since the Lady Eloneena’s shocking revelation that Feona is her daughter, it has become clear that Mordok’s plan is to use the child to exact vengeance not only on her, but on the kingdom of Thune itself.

What the evil Master of Darkness does not know is that he is about to be confounded by the resourcefulness and courage of two little girls from Thune .But how can such little children survive in the trackless desert of the West? Can they escape the rage of Mordok as he cruelly drives his fearsome hronya through the air each day in a furious search for them? Who will find them first, and how will the Prince of Thune survive the pain and sorrow if another one he loves is lost?

Book Details:

  • Title: Quest
  • Author Sandi McReynolds
  • Paperback: 188 pages
  • Publisher: VineTree Press, August, 2019
  • ISBN: 9781689027335
  • Imprint: Independently published
  • BISAC: Fiction / Christian / General

About Standpipes and Storm Shelters

Standpipes & Storm Shelters is “the rest of the story” of Butterflies at the Window. This is the account of the Morris family, still struggling to find hope after most victims of the Joplin Tornado have found homes and jobs and healing, as well as the on-going saga of the McConnell’s commitment to use all that happened to them to bless others. But most of all, it is the testimony of God’s faithful pursuit of those He loves, even when they don’t want to know Who He is. It is available locally or in print or eBook at or

Dr. Karl Wendt, Director of Mt. Hope Christian Counseling Center, says: “McReynolds deftly and accurately weaves a tale of adversity, hopelessness, and ultimate redemption. An equally entertaining and touching read, ‘Stand Pipes’ will impress you with the amazing impact of believers in a true community of faith.”

Book Details:

  • Title: Standpipes and Storm Shelters
  • Author Sandi McReynolds
  • Paperback: 111 pages
  • Publisher: VineTree Press, April, 2016
  • ISBN-13: 978-0692702727 (VineTree Press)
  • ISBN-10: 0692702725
  • BISAC: Fiction / Christian / General

About Butterflies at the Window

Five years ago, the monstrous Joplin tornado carved its way across the Joplin area. Like almost every family in the area, the McReynolds found themselves in its grip. Butterflies at the Window is a novel based on their family’s true experiences and the mysterious butterfly people stories that followed. Dedicated to tornado survivors and volunteers, it is available locally or in print or eBook at or

Author Sandi McReynolds has used her first-hand experience to write a fascinating “up close and been there” novel. She has done a remarkable job of taking a true experience and showing it through a novel. – LeAnn Campbell, Author of Century Farm mystery series for kids

Richard L. Jackson, Senior Vice President (Ret.), St. John’s Regional Medical Center, Author of The Rules, says, “Anyone who wants to be inspired should read Butterflies at the Window. Author Sandi McReynolds has taken an actual tragedy, added the stories of butterfly people, and turned it into a healing fantasy. Congratulations!”

Book Details:

  • Title: Butterflies at the Window
  • Author Sandi McReynolds
  • Paperback: 167 pages
  • Publisher: VineTree Press, April, 2016
  • ISBN-13: 978-0692704295 (VineTree Press)
  • ISBN-10: 0692704299
  • BISAC: Fiction / Christian / General