New Beginnings

It’s spring, the season of new beginnings. My favorite time of year. Everything is fresh and new and possibilities seem endless as grape hyacinth (…for the soul…?), always first to promise new life, blanket the still-dormant lawn with sapphire. They’re gone now, but the hellebore that follow close behind still linger, blooms nodding pale rose and cream above their dark green leaves.

God promises His mercies are new every morning. One cannot drive along the Lane without seeing that truth as dogwood trees circle the house in drifts of creamy white—a gift we couldn’t have imagined the winter we cleared the land to build here. In early spring their delicate, cross-shaped blossoms crowd every branch before other trees show any signs of awakening. Then forsythia come to life, blooming golden in the sun, and redbuds scatter burgundy gems among them.

I relish early-morning strolls around the yard. Every one brings new delights. Along the shade garden’s picket fence, hardy ferns unfurl their delicate fronds. Beside them hosta thrust their pointed heads above the soil, reaching toward the light. Nearly a month early this year, they seem to be in a hurry to get this show on the road. Almost as soon as those promising nubs appear, broad leaves begin unfolding chartreuse and lemon and cream and blue, challenging companion plants to join the parade. Soon roses will line the entry garden’s cobbled walk with scarlet, mirroring the Japanese maple that still stands flaming in the sun, despite the ice storms and late frosts and parching heat that are part of Southwest Missouri. But every year is different, and though the apple trees were thick with fragrant flowers last spring, this time their rich green leaves hold no promise of fruit. That ever- capricious last frost of the season is just one more reminder that God is sovereign after all, isn’t it?

Before long we will shop for tomato plants and mulch and make the hills for cucumbers and put up trellises for beans and snow peas. I can hardly wait. But for now it’s time to celebrate this new beginning. They say you can’t teach old dogs new tricks. I say, not true! This old dog is learning all kinds of new tricks; like remembering to space only once between sentences, and accepting that I have to promote my books when I’d rather be hiding comfortably in my study writing, and believing that if God has called me to write, He’ll give me something worthwhile to say. For now I’m learning to enjoy this venture into the blogosphere and I’m hoping you’ll join me here along Grapevine Lane. Each Wednesday, and sometimes in between, we’ll talk about gardens and gratitude and goings-on in the community and the glory of changing seasons, and most of all, a gracious God who loves us more than life. I’d love to hear what He’s been doing in your world and add you to my mailing list.

So let’s enjoy the journey and thank God for the spring. And here’s to new beginnings.

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